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If you have a testimony to share, email me at I would love to hear about your experience.

Purple testimonies reflect individual essential anointings.

Green testimonies reflect group essential anointings.

Temple Time meetings have been life changing, giving me answers to health issues that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. We all have our own goals to reach and paths to follow, and Veronica is very encouraging. Even when we fail our goals for the week or have a setback on the individual program we’re on, she finds something positive about the situation, which is motivating to get back on board. Chris is a holistic nurse, and with her medical knowledge and the Zyto scans, she takes the guesswork out of the individual plan we need to be on – foods that are balancing and foods that cause us problems, essential oils that are beneficial for us, supplement choices. At each meeting we are fortified with God’s Word to help give us the strength and perseverance to stay with the program to cleanse and balance our own temples.  B.W.

I have really enjoyed Temple Time on Thursday evenings.  Our group is so encouraging and  everyone struggles seem to be my struggles.  Makes for a comfortable atmosphere to share.  Chris’s scans are invaluable.  Thank you Veronica for all your hard work and for inviting us into your home.  J.C.

Thank you ever so much for facilitating your Prince and Peas EASTER Event last Thursday. I knew from attending last December my 1st  P&P’s Christmas Event, that my spirit would receive another uplifting renewal of Easter. My spirit soared in a special thankfulness to my Father God and to my Savior Jesus as I applied and smelled 12 new oils into the mix of worship song and Bible passages creating a holy aroma night unto our Lord. Thank again…..look forward to another event in the near future. Janet – Accounting 

I wanted to express my gratitude for making the Easter story so much more beautiful.  Having you read the story and sharing the most wonderful oils at the appropriate time was amazing I did not want it to end.  God has blessed you with the knowledge of  Young Living Oils together with His Word and I know you are going to reach people in a way they will love and want to learn more.  Thank you for pouring out His love on us.  I look forward to the next experience!  Eva D. 

“I felt in the presence of God’s love and peace. It healed my doubts and fears. I loved it. You have a gift of discernment and walking in wholeness.” John (age 22)

Veronica I am so happy to see your Princess and the PEAS endeavor. I’m excited for the unknown person(s) who will not only visit your website BUT also take the step to attend one of your 12 events! I remember attending Fragrant Freedom & Healing Frequencies that you facilitated.  Healing Frequencies still stands out so much in my mind with the knowledge of understanding ones energy core. The demonstration you had us interact with on the power of thought still rocks my mental core, HOW the positive or negative we give to ourselves or others just by OUR thought without words or actions. AMAZING! Your such a joy with your lite uplifting spirit. The people you will assist in their mind/body healing during an events will totally rock –because you there in God’s spirit using the oil frequenciesHelping others to release from their bondages the same way you broke free – Girl you’re going to make good fruit!” Janet Klepacz, Accounting

“My experience with the Essential Anointing was a positive one. It was done in a safe and comfortable environment where I did not feel intimidated or apprehensive. I especially appreciated the care and concern given to my needs and comfort. The process was interspersed with prayer and applications of essential oils, as I worked through some emotional issues that were getting in the way of my spiritual growth. I was allowed to work at my own speed and cover the issues with which I felt comfortable. I left feeling lighter, and knew I had let go of some issues that had been real stumbling blocks. It was a great time of prayer and healing.” C.M. Counselor

“I have known Veronica for going on 3 years and work closely with her in sharing her passion for the essential oils God has given to the world.  These are ‘ancient healing modalities’ that are just now gaining “new acceptance” as modern medicines.   As I work closer with Veronica and get to know her better, I am just beginning to learn some of the trials God has placed in her younger life, and the grace He has given her in  orchestrating the people, and the circumstances to help her overcome them.  Now she serves Him by helping others who may be going though similar situations with her ministry ‘Princess and the PEAS’. It’s not that she has forgotten about these trials that brought her to this place…but she has been truly healed physically, and emotionally, as well as spiritually from these afflictions. Veronica wishes to share God’s Blessings, which He gives generously by telling whomever God places in her path about these miracle oils.  One of the many blessings God has given Veronica is the gift to teach…she did not start out believing she could.  As a matter of fact…it was hard for her to get up in front of a small in home group.  But, she is one of the most gifted teachers of the oils I know.  I have been going to Veronica classes as long as I’ve known her and I can tell you…you will never walk away disappointed.  Her warmth and encouraging personality make you feel like you’ve known her forever.”  Debbie Brenner,  B.S., P.H.C., Quantum Health Consulting, LLC

“The Lord’s healing touch is experienced through prayer and using the essential oils which are imbibed with His Word, His life giving promises. The two essential anointing have allowed my mind, heart and soul to be connected and opened to His healing touch. And allowed me to walk in trust, knowing I am loved unconditionally and to live more intentionally knowing His truths. Deep areas of hurts have been revealed in a trusting, loving manner that allowed me to acknowledge them and work on healing. James 5: 14-16 truly is experienced. Confessing sin and praying for each other for healing is truly experienced.” Jane, B.S.N.

“I was so moved with this wonderful Christmas Experience!  I have not stopped glowing since I left.  Thank you!!  I am so excited to talk to our Women’s Ministry and you to host one of our events.  I am thinking of hosting my bible study group for an event at my house. Oh my gosh and in light of our message from our wonderful pastor yesterday, I wanted to encourage you that because we do celebrate Christ every single day that you don’t have to wait until Christmas to share this.  It is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had and I am so thankful God did place this on your heart.  I can’t wait!  I feel so Blessed this Christmas; thank you for being a part of that!” E. D 

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