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Plan Customization

September 22, 2012

Plan Customization is key because everyone is different: our goals, our physiology, our struggles, etc

Support for Where You Are At If you are already working another program, my hope is that this time can offer additional information and depth that your other program may not be offering – physically, emotionally, mindfully, and spiritually – so that your goals will be met with complete and lasting results.

Focus on Customization Since we are going for transformation, we will need to adjust the plan as we change for more and more success.

I have included a questionnaire to help you get started in making the framework for your plan. It will be important to write the answers out.  I suggest that you get a 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper and tabs, as we will be adding to this every week.

Questions to Create a Temple Time Customized Plan – Focus Physical

1. Why are you here? Your Vision of what you are trying to accomplish. How will you be looking? What will you be doing?

2. Goals to reach your vision

A reasonable trackable goal with a time line for your ultimate goal

A reasonable trackable goal to accomplish in the next month

3. Why are you in the shape you are in?
What you are doing regularly or habitually that sabotages you?
What health concerns do you need help navigating through?
What trauma or life events have happened that contributed?

4. Things that Motivate & Hinder your process-  2 columns

Motivates: encourages, motivates, and helps you to reach your goals – what has been the best parts of the programs you have participated in before – activities that counteract #3

Hinders: de-motivates, snags, shackles, feel like you have not control  – what has hindered your process

5. Foods I love:  3 Columns
Healthy foods that you enjoy
Unhealthy trigger foods – foods, you have trouble stopping once start eating?
Restaurant foods you can enjoy with a few adjustments

6. What negative bodily symptoms do you have?

7. If known, what is the cause of these health concerns in #6?

8. If known, what is the solution to your health concern?             

9. What other information do you need to get started?

10. Prescription Medications Name? Purpose? Does it affect my process?

11. Over the Counter Medications Name? Purpose? Does it affect my process?

12. What supplements do you take regularly? Name? Purpose? Does it affect my process?

13. Complete Start- Up Plan: This plan is dynamic and will change as needs change. You have identified the following for your plan:

1. The ultimate vision

2. Long term goal & Short term goal

3. Unhealthy behaviors – or habits & Health issues that affect goal & Trauma or life events that play a part in your process

4. Things that motivate you to counteract #3 & things that hinder your progress

5. Foods you love and should have in your environment & Foods you should limit & Acceptable restaurant options for you.

6-9. Unhealthy physical symptoms, the Cause and the Solution.

10-11. Prescription medication and over the counter medication that you use, how they affect your process & Supplements that you to use and how they affect your process

12. What steps are you going to take this week to walk towards your goal to set yourself up for success?

Look at your answers to the questions and think about the plan framework.

Create a plan that is enough to be challenging, but not so much you are overwhelmed.

Commit your works to the Lord, And your plans will be established. Proverbs16:3  

Pray this scripture daily. You may choose other scriptures that the Holy Spirit reveals.

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