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Join the Journey Through Temple Time

September 20, 2012

I started to count them up yesterday but there were 100s. Hundreds of books on health and wellness! I am honestly out of room in my house. Books are now tucked everywhere!

I realized that all health and wellness books have something to offer. However each book usually focuses on one of four areas: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. For example a book focused on the physical commonly includes diet and/or exercise.

I had become so overwhelmed with all the information that I decided to go back to the book that is always right, always true, is never trendy, and always applies no matter what – The Holy Bible. It instructs in all the areas of health – physical, mindful, emotional and spiritual. That is when the peace came! This is where Temple Time was birthed from – the knowledge that we are whole beings where one part of us affects all the other parts. Therefore, health and wellness would need to be approached with all areas in mind.

I extend to you a warm invitation to join me at the meetings and/or through the blog in a journey of health and wellness where each part gets equal billing! I will blog weekly so you can pop in, get encouraged, and grow along. You can join me on Twitter where I will tweet Temple Time tips on occasion.

And all those hundreds of books – they’ll come in handy. We are going to use every valuable tool available. Consider this your personal invitation to Temple Time!

Do you want to:

  • Obtain a healthy weight
  • Manage your blood sugar
  • Be more active
  • Have more energy
  • Run a marathon
  • Start putting yourself on your list
  • Solve a particular health issue – lower blood pressure, etc

Temple Time

  • A dynamic customized individual plan to obtain your personal goals using the most powerful and proven resources available and all the latest and greatest research.
  • We will emulate the best parts of the most successful programs to ensure your success in reaching your health and fitness goals. (The Bible, Weight Watchers, Made to Crave, Essential Oils, Slique, etc)
  • A weekly time for encouragement, accountability, education and brainstorming.
  • Synergistic results due to incorporating all areas of health: spiritual, mindful, emotional, and physical for optimal and lasting results.
  • Benefits from a focus on motivation, tracking, sharing tips, tricks, challenges and victories.

If your Fit and Fine is aching to shine, join Temple Time!

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